Shower Standing Handle: Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect

Navigating the bathroom can sometimes be daunting, especially for those with mobility issues. Enter shower standing handles, a simple yet effective bathroom aid that provides support and increases safety. This blog post unravels the essentials of shower standing handles, aiding you in finding the perfect fit for your needs.

What is a Shower Standing Handle, and Why do You Need One?

Shower standing handles, or grab bars, are devices mounted onto a shower’s wall. They offer a robust support system for individuals requiring balance assistance while getting into, out of, or moving around within the battery. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 3 million older adults receive treatment for fall injuries yearly, with a significant percentage reportedly in or around the shower area. Thus, shower grab bars serve as an essential safeguard against such mishaps.

The Different Types of Shower Handles 

A wide range of shower handles is available, catering to varying requirements:

Fixed Shower Handles: Affixed permanently to the walls, fixed handles offer optimum support and stability. Suitable for those needing to lean heavily onto them.

Detachable Shower Handles: These are ideal for temporary requirements and can be removed when not in use.

The user’s unique needs help determine the correct handle to install.

Choosing A Shower Handle By Weight Bearing Capacity

It’s crucial to consider the weight the shower handle can bear. Generally, a permanently installed grab bar can support around 250 lbs. However, it’s always wise to double-check the capacity of the specific model you choose. Removable handles may not provide the same strength as permanent ones.

Considerations for Size and Material

Shower handles range from a modest 9 inches to a generous 42 inches in length. A more extended handle often offers increased security, making it easier to grab when needed. Choose a size that best suits your space and preferences.

Materials for these handles can include hard plastics and varying metal types, each offering different aesthetic and durability parameters. 

Installing a Shower Standing Handle

Installation may vary depending on whether the handle is fixed or detachable. Accurate placement, ideally at an easy-to-reach height matching the faucets within the shower stall and the user’s size, ensures efficacy and accessibility of the handle.

Final thoughts:

Shower standing handles enhance the accessibility of showers, making them safer and more user-friendly, especially for people with mobility challenges. As each person’s requirements differ, it’s vital to carefully consider the different aspects before choosing the right shower grab bar. Remember, comfort and safety should always be paramount.


How do I install a shower standing handle?

To install a shower standing handle, follow these steps:

  • Clean the surface where you plan to mount the handle to ensure proper adhesion.
  • Position the handle at the desired height and angle for comfortable use.
  •  Drill pilot holes for the screws.
  •  Attach the handle securely using the provided screws and a screwdriver or drill.
  • Test the handle to ensure it is firmly in place before use.

Can I use a shower standing handle if I have tile walls in my shower?

Yes, you can use a shower standing handle with tile walls. However, it’s essential to make sure you have the appropriate tools for drilling into the tile. It’s recommended to use a diamond-tipped drill bit and to go slowly to prevent cracks or damage to the tile. Additionally, consider using anchors designed for tile installations for added stability.

Are there weight limits for shower standing handles?

Most shower standing handles have weight limits specified by the manufacturer. It’s crucial to check these limits before installation to ensure the grip can safely support the intended user. If you have concerns about weight limits, consider consulting with a professional or choosing a heavy-duty model designed for higher weight capacities.



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