The Pivotal Role of the business manager

Westmount Charter School, established on August 9, 2000, quickly ascended to prominence, becoming a haven for educational enthusiasts. With the official website, this school is defined by the associations and societies working in synergy to enhance its academic and extracurricular engagements. Specifically, the school’s success can be largely attributed to the dynamic roles played by its organizational personnel, including the often-underappreciated Business Manager.

Exemplifying Operational Efficiency:

The astute Business Manager lies at the heart of the Westmount Charter School’s administrative core. This role goes deeper than everyday tasks; it delves into the intricate responsibilities and functions vital to the school’s operations. From overseeing the school’s financial management to the planning and execution of administrative operations, the Business Manager plays an integral part in the school’s accomplishments.

Keeping the Economic Cogs Running:

Approaching financial stewardship with meticulous attention to detail, the Business Manager operates with a business-oriented mindset and a passion for education. This role strategically manages and administers the school’s budget, ensuring each dollar is optimally spent towards advancing the students’ educational experience. Whether managing the financial affairs of extracurricular activities or supervising the school’s fundraising initiatives, the Business Manager ensures fiscal responsibility across the board.

A Humanitarian Cornerstone: 

The Business Manager oversees financial management and is central to the school’s human resources unit. Tasked to liaise with the HR Manager, they work hand-in-hand to manage educational talent, fostering an environment of growth and efficiency. All questions related to HR, for instance, are addressed to this role, reinforcing their essential part in shaping the school’s organizational structure.

Nurturing Communication Channels: 

One of the most critical aspects of the Business Manager’sManager’s job description is communication. From addressing parent concerns to coordinating with various administrative teams, efficient information flow is overseen by this cornerstone role. An open-door policy, encouraging staff and parents to discuss their concerns or suggestions, fosters camaraderie and collective growth.

Policy and Procedure Implementation: 

At Westmount Charter, the Business Manager is instrumental in creating, enforcing, and revising administrative procedures. These policies encompass a broad spectrum, including general administrative directives, student guidelines and conduct, instructional materials, human resources, and business administration. 


The position of a Business Manager at schools is multifaceted and affects the educational institution’s operation. Balancing business acumen and passionate devotion to educational enrichment, the Business Manager breathes life into the school’s mission to provide an exceptional learning environment.  

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